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Last Updated: Sunday June 08 2008 15:18 GMT

Campaign to save starving owls


Experts are warning that owls could disappear from Britain because there's nowhere for them to live, and not enough for them to eat.

Owls need long grass, flowery meadows and hawthorne hedgerows to provide them with the food they eat, like voles, beetles and grubs.

But experts say their habitat is being destroyed and the numbers of the feathery creatures are falling.

The World Owl Trust has launched a campaign to try and save them.

There are around 3,000 breeding pairs of barn owls left in the UK, but there's still a long way to go until the species is safe.

Numbers of the more common tawny owl are also dropping, and experts are really worried about them too.


They want home owners to try and help the winged creatures, by keeping an area of their gardens for wild flowers and long grass, where little mammals and insects can live, to provide more food for the birds.