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Last Updated: Saturday June 07 2008 16:13 GMT

Scientists test out moon missiles


British scientists think they've found a way of delving deeper into space than ever before.

They've been testing out special missiles to fire at the moon's surface, to try and discover more about what lies beneath.

The missiles are called penetrators, and they look like rockets, but inside are complicated scientific instruments designed to gather information.

They're going to be used as part of the UK's first mission to the moon.

In 2013, four will be fired into its surface and will travel three metres underground.

It's hoped they'll gather lots of information, like the temperature of the moon, and what it's made of.

The missiles did really well in tests

Scientists have been testing them out by blasting them into sand blocks, to represent the moon's surface.

The missiles have done so well that experts are hoping they'll be used to explore the moons around Saturn and Jupiter, to help them find out more about our solar system.