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Last Updated: Friday June 06 2008 17:43 GMT

Helen gets ready for Euro 2008


Euro 2008 kicks off on Saturday, and Helen's in Basel in Switzerland soaking up the atmosphere.

But as none of the home nations made it through, we asked YOU who she should support, and you chose Portugal.

Here's how she's getting on...

From now on, well at least until 29th June, I am a Portugal fan.

Normally I shout for England, so I thought I would find it difficult to pull on the shirt of a nation that knocked us out of the last World Cup and the last European Championships, but I have to admit, I didn't.

I am chuffed you lot picked Portugal, and this afternoon I have been in one of the fans' areas here in Basel to check out where I will watch our first game from tomorrow night.

Helen and a man in a hat
The fans' areas look like they are going to be great places to hang out, there are big screens, games, shoot-outs and entertainment.

It is a real party atmosphere in there, and a lady called Wendolina persuaded me to have my face painted, and I went for Portugal colours.

Basel is a fab city, there are loads of very Swiss looking buildings, and it seems like every other shop sells chocolate or cheese of some sort. Brilliant.

Helen at a food stall
Walking around you hear French and German being spoken and the people are really friendly.

We couldn't make our way through the market without trying some cheese, and that was only the tip of the iceberg. There was bread, olives, fruit and flowers on offer too.

There are people walking around in Czech Republic shirts, their first match is here in Basel tomorrow night against hosts Switzerland.

Helen and a cow!
The game I am more nervous about is Portugal. We take on Turkey. See how I am saying WE already.

I have to sign off now - the Switzerland team has just arrived at our hotel. I am not kidding! I am off to take some photos...