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Last Updated: Thursday June 05 2008 05:35 GMT

Omelette egg hatches into emu

Osborne the emu chick

An emu egg which was bought to make into an omelette has surprised its owners - by hatching into a chick!

Gillian Stone brought home three large green emu eggs from a holiday on the Isle of Wight and put them in an incubator in her kitchen.

Nothing happened to two of the eggs, but after 52 days one hatched and the emu chick has been named Osborne.

He needed to be hand fed at first, but is now nine days old and doing very well at his new home in East Sussex.

Ms Stone, who breeds chickens, said: "He was destined to be an omelette - now he's an emu."

Osborne will grow to nearly 2m tall and will soon move from Ms Stone's home to her small farm nearby.