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Last Updated: Tuesday June 03 2008 15:52 GMT

In pictures: Sonali meets a giant beetle

Sonali at the zoo

Sonali looks happy that she was sent to Linton Zoo near Cambridge to check out a cool story for Newsround - but what was it??


Urghhh, it's about the giant beetle that was found inside a delivery of bananas in London. Not so impressed now then Sonali?

The elephant beetle

The creature is an elephant beetle and it came all the way from the rainforests of Costa Rica in South America!


Ah, now Sonali's looking a bit happier as she takes a closer look at Bill the beetle


Sonali chats to one of the zoo keepers who'll be looking after Bill. They're trying to find him a mate so he can live happily there.

The beetle

Bill the beetle gets the star treatment and is interviewed by Newsround...