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Last Updated: Wednesday June 04 2008 05:11 GMT

Learning ballroom dancing at school

Press Packer Natasha

Press Packers Greg and Natasha have been doing ballroom dancing lessons at school, and have even had an exam!

Here's what they love about taking to the dance floor.

"We've been having ballroom dancing lessons at school for about a year now.

It's really good fun and it's been quite easy learning all the different dances.

We've had a class every Tuesday and have practised on weekends too.

Not nervous

On Tuesday we had an exam.

We had to dance the modern waltz with our dance coach.

It was fun and we didn't get too nervous.

We didn't make any mistakes either so hope that we have passed!

Good exercise

Other schools should teach ballroom dancing.

It's good exercise and good fun to do.

We are definitely going to keep doing it."

Greg, 11, Natasha, 7, Stirlingshire

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