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Last Updated: Tuesday June 03 2008 06:27 GMT

World leaders tackle food prices

 A farmer gathering wheat

World leaders are meeting in the Italian capital Rome to talk about the problem of rising food prices.

The cost of basic foods like rice and wheat has shot up, and are now at their highest in 30 years.

Already there have been riots in dozens of countries, and many people are worried they won't be able to feed their families.

The aim of the United Nations meeting is to find ways of getting food to people who need it most.

The main reason for the shortage of food is there are just too many mouths in the world to feed, but things like environmental issues are making the problem worse.

Supermarket checkouts
Food prices in the UK are likely to rise
Some countries are using land to grow plants to make fuels, called biofuels, instead of food.

People in poorer countries are being hit the hardest, and it's thought the leaders from other countries will be asked to give them more help.