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Last Updated: Monday June 02 2008 07:58 GMT

Grubs up! Would you eat bugs?


This morning you probably had some cereal or toast for brekkie, but how would you feel about some grilled caterpillars, or crunchy crickets?

It might sound disgusting, but in the future bugs could be for sale on our supermarket shelves, and served up for dinner on plates across the country.

Scientists think eating insects could be good for our health, and less harmful to the planet than other foods.

But it's NOT a good idea to start eating any old bugs in your garden!

Bugs in a bowl
How about some bugs for breakfast?
Although you might find the idea of munching bugs a bit strange, people in 113 countries across the world are already tucking into the tasty creatures as part of their normal diet.

In some countries piles of bugs are sold on market stalls, and served up as tasty snacks.