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Last Updated: Saturday May 31 2008 14:02 GMT

Schoolboy first to 'name' iceberg

The Melting Bob iceberg

One of the world's largest Antarctic icebergs has been named "Melting Bob" by a six-year-old schoolboy.

Max Dolan, from Hampshire, won a very unusual competition to rename the ice plate, which used to be called C19A.

It's the first time an iceberg will be referred to as something other than its number and map co-ordinates, which is how they're normally known.

Explaining his choice of name, Max said: "The iceberg bobs in the water and is melting. It's huge and cool."

Scientists will spend the next 10 years tracking Melting Bob in the Southern Ocean and Max will receive regular updates on what's happening to it.

Global warming

Melting Bob was created in May 2002 when it broke away from the Ross ice shelf.

It has a gigantic surface area of 5,141 square kilometres, but only a small part of that can be seen above the water.

The competition to name Melting Bob was run at the Hay Literary Festival to help raise awareness of global warming.