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Last Updated: Friday May 30 2008 15:11 GMT

It's Lizo's last day! Read his goodbye


Lizo is leaving Newsround after 10 years on the show!

Read his highlights of his time here.

"I really feel that working on Newsround is one of the best jobs in the world.

I'm someone who's always been fascinated by what's going on in the news. So having a job where I get to meet people in the news and go to the places where news is happening has been wonderful.


Lizo looks shocked
It's also been great meeting lots of people that I have a huge amount of admiration for, like J K Rowling or Philip Pullman. As well as children who have done amazing things.

It's very hard to pick out highlights.

But among them would have to be things like big news stories like the terrorist attacks on London, as well as travelling to New Orleans in America when it was devastated by Hurricane Katrina.


My trip to Iraq last year is another highlight - getting the chance to see how the fighting there affects both Iraqi children and kids here in the UK who have family in the armed forces was fascinating.

Lizo reporting from the Luna Lovergood auditions
On the lighter side, covering things like Harry Potter and Doctor Who has been more fun than I can describe. As a fan of both of them, it's hard to describe the feeling you get walking into the Great Hall film set, or what it's like actually standing inside the Tardis.


But I suppose the biggest highlight of all has been getting the chance to actually work on a show that everyone knows so well, and that people enjoy so much.

And I know I'll always look back on it as an amazing experience."