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Last Updated: Saturday May 31 2008 07:30 GMT

Gavin goes angling for Sportsround

Gavin goes fishing

Now, this is a challenge that I never thought I'd actually be having a go at. Because let's be honest, angling isn't the most action-packed thing to do at the best of times, is it?!

I'd never done any kind of fishing before, so at first I imagined sitting around all day, in the pouring rain (more than likely with the weather we've been having recently!) waiting for something exciting to happen.

Then, when my crew and I arrived, we heard that someone else had caught a huge carp, weighing in at a whopping 17kilos!! So I had a feeling that we'd brought the drama along with us for the day.

The bait looked tasty!

To catch a carp, you first of all need to sort out the hook on the end of your rod. And this is really difficult, because if you've never fished before, you have to tie a series of complicated knots attaching it to a weight.

Then you add the bait!... which aren't live maggots - but just a plain old piece of bread, or a chewy fruit-flavour ball (that almost made me want to eat it!!!)

Casting out the line was fun. You swing the rod to an area where you can see fish below the surface of the water. Let me tell you, when you get a glimpse of a carp below the water, it's pretty exciting!

Gavin goes fishing
So, when I took to the banks of the lake, cast my line out, for the next hour or so I just twiddling my thumbs - literally.

For anyone thinking of taking up the sport, it's very relaxing, but there is a lot of watching and waiting. Oh, and you can't make any sudden movements as you'll scare the fish away!

Make sure you pack a book or something else to keep you busy.

Keeping quiet is key!

But I must say, when your rod starts moving it does set your heart pumping - you know you're onto something.

You have to creep around and ease the rod out of the water so the fish can't escape. And it's a great feeling when you pull it out of the water - it gives you a real sense of achievement.

I needed a lot of help because I was too heavy-handed with the rod. But on the whole, it's a really satisfying sport. Patience and hanging in there really are the key.