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Last Updated: Tuesday June 10 2008 05:19 GMT

I entered a poetry competition

Press Packer Caitlin

Press Packer Caitlin loves creative writing.

Find out what happened when she entered a poetry competition.

"I've always liked writing poems and loved writing stories.

When I spotted an advertisement for a poetry competition, I immediately decided to go in for it.

One of the prizes was to get your poem published in the National Poetry Anthology, and I was really excited.


I couldn't wait to get started on writing a poem. It was hard trying to think up a poem and write it.

In the end I managed to come up with one. It was called Hope. It was all about what hope would look like, smell like, and taste like if it were an object.

I tried to write it so that the reader would visualise it vividly.

My imagination

I enjoyed writing it and showed it to my English teacher. We were studying poems about emotions such as hope or anger, so my imagination was helped along a little.

Several months later, I received a letter from the poetry competition's judges.

Poem published

Unfortunately, I didn't get to have my poem published in the National Poetry Anthology.

But it was OK because the judges decided that my poem was good enough to be published in another book called Tranquil Moments.

I was really thrilled and I still am. I've proved I can write something that has the potential to be published.

Now I want to go really big and write a novel!"

Caitlin, 11, Derbyshire.

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