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Last Updated: Friday May 30 2008 06:10 GMT

Change for foreign footie players

The Chelsea team before the UEFA Champions League Final match

Loads of your fave footie players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Fernando Torres come from other countries, and score loads of goals for British teams.

But footie bosses might be bringing in rules to make it harder for footballers to play for teams in other countries.

Under the plans, only five foreign players would be allowed in clubs' opening line-ups.

The aim is to encourage countries to spend more time and effort on talented youngsters from their own shores.

Some people think having more players to choose from would help Britain's national teams do better too.

Theo Walcott of Arsenal
Should talented young footie players get more help?
Football's governing body, Fifa, has already voted in favour of the idea at a big meeting in Sydney, in Australia.

But there's a big chance the proposal won't go through, because of a law which says anyone from Europe - footballer or not - is allowed to move between any European country as much as they like, and be allowed to work.