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Last Updated: Wednesday May 28 2008 14:16 GMT

What's going on with pricey petrol?

Car driving past a petrol station

Have you noticed your parents moaning when they go to the petrol station to fill up the car?

Well, it's because fuel has suddenly got REALLY expensive, and it's causing loads of problems for almost everyone.

It's really bad news for lorry drivers who have to buy it for their jobs, and they've already been out protesting.

But it could affect you, because if drivers like your parents have to spend lots on getting around, they won't have as much to spend on other things.

So what's going on?

Grangemouth oil refinery
Petrol's made from oil from the ground

Petrol is made from oil which is pumped out of the ground.

The problem is we haven't got much of it in Britain, so we've got to buy it from places like the Middle East.

But loads of other countries want to buy it too, and the fierce competition makes the price go up.

Why's everyone so angry?

A lorry driver protesting
Lorry drivers have been protesting

Loads of people rely on their cars to get around, and they don't think the huge price increases are fair.

The government in Britain taxes fuel, meaning it takes some of the money drivers spend on petrol to help run the country.

Lorry drivers are calling for the government to take less of a cut, to bring the cost of petrol down.

So what's being done about it?

The Prime Minster, Gordon Brown, is looking at another way of tackling the problem.

Gordon Brown
Gordon Brown's taking action

He's been speaking to the bosses of British oil companies, to see if they can produce more oil, to try and bring the cost down.

And some eco-groups are worried that with all the fuss about the cost of petrol, we're forgetting how bad driving is for the environment.