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Last Updated: Tuesday May 27 2008 15:59 GMT

Should the UK enter Eurovision?

Andy Abraham

After the UK came last in the Eurovision Song Contest this year, some MPs reckon we should stop paying money to take part in the competition.

This is because lots of people think countries don't vote for which song they like best, but for the countries which they are friends with.

The UK won it in 1997, but now we just can't seem to win any votes.

British pop music is world famous and with acts like Leona Lewis making it big in America. So what's gone wrong?

Carrie Grant
Carrie Grant
Singing coach Carrie Grant told Newsround: "Western Europe doesn't get a look in. So even if we had the Russian's (song) which won the competition, if that had been our song... we wouldn't win.

"We can't win because no one will vote for us."

There used to be fewer counties involved in Eurovision but it all changed when some of the Eastern European countries broke up into smaller countries.

And it looks like they always seem to vote for their neighbours.

So when it comes to scoring, some people reckon it's more about who you know than how well you can sing.

Changes to the competition?

Andy Abraham
Andy Abraham
The UK's Eurovision entry Andy Abraham told Newsround a change to the way the competition is run might help.

He said: "I think it's a question really for people in authority. It's not just the UK that has been affected - Germany, Poland and Sweden were too.

"They sounded even more Eurovision and you'd expect them to have won lots of votes."