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Last Updated: Saturday May 31 2008 09:07 GMT

I'm competing in surfing world championships

Tassy with some of her British team-mates

Nearly 300 young surfers from 28 countries descended on south-west France for the Quiksilver ISA World Junior Championships.

Press Packer Tassy was one of four girls competing in the British team.

Read her diary to find out what happened during the week-long competition.


"Going into today's competition, we just had four riders left - George Picking, Josh Piper, Toby Donachie and Lewis Clinton.

With every round, it gets harder and harder.

Lewis Clinton
Lewis made it to the fourth round of the competition
George and Josh were knocked out, then Toby followed them. But Lewis was still going strong.

He made it to the fourth round. We were really pleased. He made the best progress out of all the Brits.

We gave him a hero's welcome when he got out the water. But that's it for another year. The team are going home.

As for me, my next big trip is a training camp with my coach Joel Gray in Australia.

I'll get in some big wave riding which should help me improve and hopefully I'll get picked to represent my country again next year."


"It's getting harder and harder to progress now. After today's heats, four of our team are left - George Picking, Toby Donachie, Lewis Clinton and Josh Piper.

I spent the day cheering everyone on. The sun was shining all day, so it was all right being outside.

Tassy with a Newfoundland puppy
Tassy with one of the furry spectators
There were some moments of drama - Holly Donnelly missed the first five minutes of her heat, but she still came second.

It was a shame she got knocked out in her next round after making that comeback.

It's getting really tense and exciting on the beach. All the teams are out with their country's flag, shouting support to their riders in the water.

There are lots of other spectators, too. One of them had this really cute Newfoundland puppy and he let me pick it up. The pup was really, really cute.

I'm hoping that the waves will be good for the boys tomorrow. I can't believe the competition is nearly over."


"'What a day. The sun was shining again this morning and I was in the water for my next heat.

Press Packer Tassy on the beach
Tassy's backing her team-mates now
Because I got through the previous one, I was in the top half of the competition - and I knew it was going to be tough.

It was - I didn't get through.

It meant I moved to the other section of the contest - called the repercharge.

After a break for another thunderstorm, I was in again. I was amped - fully ready for it.

I was against a Costa Rican, a Bajan and a Brazilian. I needed to come second to advance in the competition.

Bumpy waves

I needed just one point to catch the girl who was second - that's just one turn to impress the judges.

But the waves were hard to catch and really bumpy. I came third and got knocked out. Gutted.

But now I'm going to focus on supporting my team-mates. I'm so proud of what we've done so far."


"What a wash-out. After two days of brilliant sunshine and good waves, the rain poured down today and the sea was super-flat. No waves.

Tassy makes the most of a rest day for the surfers
The bad weather gave Tassy and the other surfers a rest day
We went down to the competition three times.

The first two times, they delayed it - so there was still a chance we might surf.

But by the third time, it had been called off - so it was a rest day for all the surfers.

The surf was so bad we couldn't even practice, so it was just a day of hanging around.

Me and the girls went into the local town and played a bit of basketball and checked our emails.

Hopefully, the swell will have picked up by tomorrow - and we can get in the water. Just hanging about sucks!"


"I was more nervous than I thought. Going into my heat, I was the most frightened I have ever been in my life.

I had 10 dreams about it the night before - and in every single dream, I lost.

Karma Worthington
Karma Worthington also made it through to the next round
But once I got in the water, I just surfed my own heat. I came second and got through to the next round. I was absolutely stoked.

The other girls did their first heats today.

Kath was in for the first heat of the day, which was really tough, and Holly had a really difficult draw, but Karma took second place in her heat and she goes through to the next round as well.

It's my first time in this competition. I'm just glad the first round is over and I can concentrate on what comes next."


"The weather here in France has been weird - with heavy rain, thunder and lightning.

So we were pleased that the sun was out and the waves were good for the first day of competition.

The girls don't compete until Monday, but all the boys were in action on the first day and we were there to support them in their heats.

The standard of surfing here is amazing, with the Australian, French, Hawaiian, American and Brazilian teams among the best.

Toby Donachie
Toby came second in his first heat on Sunday
All of our boys were drawn against Brazilian surfers. The first heat is often the toughest, but there were some stand-out performances from our team.

Toby Donachie, Lyndon Wake and Josh Piper took second place in their heats.

We were cheering like mad. They did so well!

My first heat is on Monday. I'm against a Brazilian and a surfer from Ecuador.

I'm a bit nervous, but it's great opportunity and I just want to do my best."

Tassy, 14, Cornwall

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