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Last Updated: Friday May 23 2008 11:23 GMT

Sonali meets Eurovision's Andy Abraham

Sonali with Andy Abraham

The Eurovision Song Contest is a massive singing competition.

It's watched by a staggering 100 million people every year, is full of crazy acts and costumes and is the biggest event in the world that's not a sport event!

X Factor runner-up Andy Abraham is representing the UK.

Sonali went to meet him...

"It's that time of year again... Eurovision. It's full of dodgy music acts with dodgy hair and very dodgy outfits, but loads of us still love watching it.

One of my favourite entries this year was Ireland's Dustin the Turkey - he's a massive star on Irish kid's TV...but he got booted out during the semi-finals...maybe CBBC's Oucho should try and enter for Britain next year?

I might suggest it to him next time I see him!

This year, the singer flying the flag for Britain is X-Factor runner up Andy Abraham.

I went to meet him before he went out to Serbia - the country which is hosting the competition this year.

Andy's son Jacob
Jacob thought it was better seeing his dad on X Factor
He's very friendly and told me what he thinks of his chances in the competition.

"If it's based on the song, I'd rate my chances very very highly," he said.

"I think I've got as good a chance as anybody to nick the top spot, but success for me would be getting into the top 10. I'd be absolutely over the moon with that."


I hung out with his kids too - Jacob, 11, and 13-year-old Tara.

They told me they were far more excited about their dad when he was on the TV talent show, X Factor.

"It's really good that he's doing Eurovision, but it was better on the X Factor because it was the first time he'd actually sung something and now it's just normal," said Jacob.


Tara said she wants her dad to do well, but she's not sure if he will because in the past not many countries have voted for the UK.

Andy used to be a binman - so representing the UK in such a big competition is definitely a bit more glamorous than his last job.

But does he have what it takes to win?

Find out on Newsround on Sunday."