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Last Updated: Friday May 23 2008 06:10 GMT

Pigs on parade in Bath

NR's Adam with one of the pigs
NR's Adam with one of the pigs

The streets of Bath are looking a bit like a farm yard at the moment, as about 100 model pigs have been scattered through the city.

The life-size sculptures are designed to let people know about the legend of how the city was founded.

Three thousand years ago, King Bladud is supposed to have discovered the city's springs while walking his pigs.

And lots of the sculptures will be sold off after the display, to raise cash for charity.

Newsround's Adam went to a school in Wellow, a village near Bath, where one of the pigs is being decorated.

Kids there were covering their pig with sausages, because to most of them, pigs mean food.

At the moment, 20 pigs are out on the streets, but many more are on their way!