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Last Updated: Thursday May 22 2008 15:29 GMT

Helen welcomes United home

Manchester United celebrating in Russia and Helen in Manchester

Manchester United fans are celebrating after watching their team win the Champion's League.

Officials in Manchester stopped a traditional victory parade on Thursday, but that hasn't stopped lots of fans turning out to welcome the players home.

Helen's in Manchester to soak up the atmosphere.

Thursday: 4pm at Manchester Airport

"The airport's pretty busy and there's a real sense of people waiting for something to happen.

A few people are already kicking around in new Reds' Champion League T-shirts waiting for the players to arrive.


But a lot of the flights coming in from Russia have been delayed by 12 hours and the flight carrying the players has been pushed back until tonight.

From here, the players are expected to go to Old Trafford for a private party where they'll be met by loads and loads of fans who are waiting to get a glimpse of their heroes."

Thursday: 2pm at Old Trafford

"There were lots of people knocking around at Old Trafford.

There's always loads of people around the grounds, but today there were definitely more than usual.

Everyone was buying the new T-shirts and flags and balloons.

Some kids who were off sick from school were there and they said they really wanted to go back later to hang around and hopefully catch a glimpse of the boys.

People want to be at Old Trafford later as there are loads of rumours flying around that the players might be going there tonight for a private party.

It's only rumours but lots of fans have got wind of it and lots of fans are expected to hang around tonight from about 6pm.

Waving flags

Fans are milling about here all day and there are plenty of people wandering around with balloons and flags and stuff.

Also lots of people are driving by and hooting their horns and have the flags waving out of their car windows.

Lots of people are taking photos too and having their picture taken outside the grounds."