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Last Updated: Wednesday May 21 2008 16:07 GMT

Why's Laura talking rubbish?

Laura recording a message for one of the bins

We all know rubbish belongs in a bin - or in the recycling - but loads of it still seems to end up on the floor.

Laura went along to a school in Liverpool to check out their latest gadget for keeping the playground tidy...

"There was something weird going on at Garston C of E primary school in Liverpool yesterday.

The playground was empty - but these voices kept coming from somewhere - spooky!

But then the kids there told me they were just coming from the bins! Phew!

In pictures
One of the talking bins being used
The school has got two talking bins - one that looks like a penguin and one that looks like a chick. They're quite sweet - and best of all, when you put your rubbish in them, they talk to you and say thank you.

It was quite exciting when the deputy head teacher there told me that I could record my voice for the chick bin!

They gave me a little machine to speak into, then put it in the bin, so it would work when rubbish went in.

It was difficult knowing what to say - or how to sound. What is a metre-high plastic yellow chick supposed to sound like anyway?!

I kept it simple in the end and recorded a few 'Well dones' and 'Thank-yous'.

I never thought I'd say it - but I really was talking rubbish all day yesterday - and it was great fun!"