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Last Updated: Wednesday May 21 2008 15:06 GMT

In pictures: Talking bins tackle pupils' rubbish

One of the talking bins being used

What do you do if you want to stop people throwing litter on the floor and making a mess? Well, at one school in Liverpool they think they've got the answer - talking litter bins!

Katie, 11

Every time someone puts rubbish in one of the animal bins, it speaks to them! Katie says they really work as little kids are picking up other rubbish, just so they can get the bins to talk.

Megan, 10

Megan agrees. She says: "They help the little ones dispose of their rubbish properly and if we didn't have the bins most of our wildlife would be ruined."

Jessica, 11

Jessica was one of the pupils who were chosen to record messages for the bins. "My voice is in the duck bin and I'm really excited about it," she said.

Toby, 11

Toby thinks it's important to get young kids into the habit of using the bins. "When they're teens or adults, it'll be harder to make them realise they have to put it in the bin," he said.