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Last Updated: Thursday May 22 2008 07:35 GMT

Lizzie reports from Moscow

Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow and Lizzie

Chelsea take on Manchester United in Russia to see who'll be bringing the trophy home.

Lizzie has joined the thousands of fans who've travelled over to watch the game at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.

Thursday 11.00am (Russian time)

"It was amazing, one of the best games I've ever seen.

I was glad that I was a neutral watching the game, because I would have had no fingernails left.

The atmosphere was brilliant, the stadium was fantastic. I think there were more United than Chelsea fans, but the Chelsea fans were a bit louder.

It was just an amazing game, the skill, and the passes and the energy, was really, really good.

On so many occasions either team could have gone ahead, there were lots of attempts, lots of saves... it was so exciting.

I thought Rio Ferdinand was the best player of the match because he was really solid. He did a brilliant job the whole game.

He did what he had to do, and didn't make a fuss about it, a typical defender.

I felt really sorry for John Terry, because if he had scored they would have won.

He was totally gutted, because he's the captain and he knows more than anyone else how important it would have been for Chelsea to have won the Champions League.

Both teams were amazing. I don't think either team played better than the other, which is why it went down to penalties, but it was a fair way to decide it in the end.

Wednesday 6.45pm (Russian time)

"This is unlike any other international football match I've ever been to.

Usually there would be fans everywhere, but really the only fans I've seen are in the Red Square, which is a fan zone.

In the square there's a Champions League festival, and people are queuing up to look at the trophy in a glass cabinet, and there's a five-a-side tournament going on.

The fans are so excited, because a lot of Man U fans were very young when their team won in 1999, and United haven't been in the final since.

The Chelsea fans are really excited too, because it's the first time their team's been in the final.

They're walking around taking it all in, but it's a long day for the kids because kick off isn't until 10.45pm.

Some of them will be going back to their hotels to have a bit of a snooze, but others haven't got hotels.

They've turned up with their parents, and will be flying back home a couple of hours after the match.

Wednesday 1.15pm (Russian time)

"I've been to lots of stadiums and on lots of foreign trips but this is proving to be the toughest of them all.

It's very difficult to get around as the traffic is terrible and there's loads of security.

The Russian security get ready for the match
The Russian security get ready for the match
There seem to be hundreds of Russian soldiers and security staff who are wandering around looking a bit like they're out of Harry Potter.

It's very quiet at the moment. The weather is damp and there's a bit of a damp attitude. There's lots of security but not many smiles yet.

I'm sure things will liven up as it gets nearer to the match.

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