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Last Updated: Tuesday May 20 2008 15:55 GMT

Kids demand playing field back

Pupils at the school with no playing field

Pupils at a school in Kent are calling for their playing field to be fixed after they've been without one for two years.

Children at Staplehurst Primary School haven't had a sports day or been able to play football, rugby or hockey properly since 2006. That's because their school playing field is off limits.

The field was dug up in July 2006 and drained, but things didn't go according to plan. Inspectors decided the field wasn't safe for kids, and banned anyone from going on it.

There are other play areas at the school - some pretty impressive climbing frames and an outdoor pool - but there isn't a big open space.


One pupil, Reece, from year five, told Newsround: "All the problems started when our field was dug up to be drained. Ever since it's been all bumpy and sinky and full of clay.

"It means we can't have sports day because of all of the bumps and ruts in the ground.

"We can't play, rugby, football, athletics and hockey, then we have to go to other schools just to play our games.

"It is not fair, other children lower down in the school don't even know about sports day.

Fix the field

The children have been writing to local MPs and sports personalities, including Dame Kelly Holmes, for help.

The school, the company who did the work and the local council are trying to work out who should fix the field.

But so far there's no word when that will be.