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Last Updated: Tuesday May 20 2008 15:54 GMT

No victory parade for Cup winners

Man United fan in Moscow

Manchester United are taking on Chelsea in the Champions League final in what's being called the biggest game ever played between two English clubs.

But whoever wins, fans won't get to help their team celebrate when they get home, as the traditional open-top bus victory parades are not being allowed.

Police and officials in Manchester say there won't be a parade if United win, because they're worried about safety.

And Chelsea fans have been told it would cause too many traffic problems.

If Chelsea win, officials in London have said they could organise a parade in about 10 days time, but by then the club says the players will all be on holiday.

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Champions League final logo
In Manchester, officials ruled out plans for a victory parade on Thursday because of the disruption it could cause, but said they could organise a celebration for a later date.

No parties

Just last week, the streets of Manchester were trashed as fighting broke out when Rangers were playing in the UEFA cup final in the city.

And back in 1999, when United won the treble, Manchester was brought to a standstill when 500,000 fans turned out for the victory parade.

So, although there could be celebrations in the future, if your team win in Moscow on Wednesday and you're hoping for a party to celebrate, it looks like you'll have to organise it yourself!