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Last Updated: Saturday May 17 2008 11:06 GMT

Banned Dr Who aliens could return

The knitted Adipose and the TV version it was based on.

It looks like some knitted Doctor Who aliens could eventually go on sale after a big row.

A fan who put up internet instructions on how to knit Ood and Adipose toys from the show was told she had to take the patterns down.

The BBC told her that she didn't have permission to use the Doctor Who name and people were selling the toys.

But now there are reports that she's going to work with the BBC to launch official patterns to knit the aliens.

Check out the TV aliens and their knitted rivals

The fan, known only by her online name Mazzmatazz, says on her blog: "I am amazed and shocked at how this story has grown and developed.

"I am currently discussing matters with the BBC :-)"

The Adipose came to the television screen in the first episode of series four, Partners in Crime, and the Ood returned in the third episode, Planet of the Ood.

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