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Last Updated: Friday May 16 2008 10:55 GMT

In pictures: Celebrity revision tips

Lily Cole

Model and actress Lily Cole plans to go to university this year. Here's what she says about revision "Basically I took ten minutes out to dance every few hours! Kept my spirits up!"

Jonny Wilkinson kicking in the 2003 Rugby World Cup semi-final

Rugby star Jonny Wilkinson says "I found making notes on the most salient points helped me to remember important facts".

Jonny Wilkinson collects his MBE at Buckingham Palace

I considered revision a great challenge on the basis that the correct preparation would reap the satisfaction of good results.

Jonny Wilkinson playing at the 2003 Rugby World Cup

"My way of getting down to revision was to run off all my energy, have a good meal and then relax and focus for three or so hours before bed with files, books and the essential background music".