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Last Updated: Thursday May 15 2008 13:15 GMT

Old underwater village uncovered

The medieval church

An underwater medieval village in Spain can be seen for the first time in years, because water levels have sunk so low.

The ancient stone buildings and a church with a spire, were flooded in the 1960s, to make a reservoir near Barcelona.

But the city has just had its driest period for the last 60 years, and is suffering from a severe water shortage.

Water supplies are now being shipped in from other parts of Spain.

Usually, there would be lots of water in the reservoirs at this time of year, because they would have been topped up during the wet winter months.

But for the last few years the winters have been dry.

Ship arriving in Barcelona with drinking water
Water supplies are being shipped in
Giant tankers, carrying huge amounts of water, are arriving to top up supplies.

People living in the area are shocked, because it's the first time things have got so bad.

It's hoped a new pipeline will be built by the end of the year to bring in more water, but some climate experts are warning of even drier years to come.

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