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Last Updated: Thursday May 15 2008 15:45 GMT

Clean-up after Uefa Cup misery

A Rangers fan walks past Zenit fans in Manchester

A clean-up operation's been underway in Manchester, as disappointed Rangers fans have been making their way home.

Around 100,000 footie fans travelled to the city with high hopes of their team winning the Uefa Cup.

But a huge screen set up for fans to watch the match broke down, and their dreams were shattered when the Gers lost 2-0 to Zenit St Petersburg.

Violence broke out as fans clashed with riot police on the city's streets, and 30 people were arrested.

A Russian fan was stabbed in the City of Manchester stadium, but his injuries aren't thought to be life-threatening.

Rangers' Barry Ferguson
Rangers' dreams were shattered
Three special fan zones had been set up in the city centre, with big screens for fans who didn't have tickets to watch the match.

But about 15 minutes before kick-off, the screen in Piccadilly Gardens failed.

Assistant Chief Constable Justine Curran said she was disappointed that a small number of people had ruined what should have been a great day.

"Today has been a largely peaceful day in Manchester, full of carnival and celebration, and well over 100,000 people have been in the city and behaved themselves," she said.

Rubbish left behind in Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester, where a big screen set up for fans stopped working.
Angry fans threw bottles and cans when the big screen broke
"But I'm really disappointed that has been spoiled by pockets of disorder that have broken out in the city centre."

The Gers had been chasing their second of four possible trophies this season and their first European title since lifting the Cup-Winners' Cup in 1972.