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Last Updated: Wednesday May 14 2008 13:16 GMT

Knitted aliens spark Dr Who row

The knitted Adipose and the TV version it was based on.

A big row's broken out after a Doctor Who fan put instructions on how to knit aliens from the show on the internet.

The fan, known only by her online name Mazzmatazz, published her patterns for the knitted Ood and Adipose toys to share them with her friends and family.

But the BBC told her to take them down because she didn't have permission to use the Doctor Who name and people were making money by selling the toys.

Mazzmatazz said it wasn't fair and that the BBC was making an example of her.

Writing on her blog, she said: "I'm just an ordinary fan, who happens to like knitting and sci-fi, and everything has just gone a bit crazy.

Check out the TV aliens and their knitted rivals

The patterns I created, inspired by Doctor Who, were never for sale - they were shared so that other fans could enjoy and share the fun too."

The BBC said it had no problem with fans like Mazzmatazz creating things like the knitted Ood and Adipose, as long as no-one's making money from them.

Breaking the law

A spokesman said that as soon as other people started selling the finished toys they were breaking copyright laws, which are designed to stop people having their work unfairly copied or ripped off.

"When that happens we take that very seriously because it means other people are getting money that should be going back to the BBC," he said.

But he said Mazzmatazz hadn't been threatened with court action and they were even looking at the possibility of using her ideas in the future.

"While we don't have any plans to offer any knitted toys, in the future, who knows? They've proved so popular and we would work with her to see that they're done properly."

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