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Last Updated: Tuesday May 13 2008 14:59 GMT

What's happening in China and Burma?

L-R: Scenes of the devastation in China and Burma

There have been two huge natural disasters in the same part of South East Asia in two weeks.

First Cyclone Nargis caused widespread devastation in Burma, then about a week later China was rocked by a massive earthquake.

Are the two things connected?

It might seem a bit odd for two such terrible things to happen just two weeks apart, but experts say it was just a coincidence.

The cyclone did not affect the earthquake and they're both caused by very different things.

So what happened?

The cyclone that hit Burma started as a massive storm out at sea.

It's thought that all the wind caused a huge wave, which then hit land, destroying everything in its path. The high winds and heavy rain also caused devastation too.

The earthquake which hit China was completely different.

It started underground, as the two huge plates in the earth underneath the country started moving around.

That then caused the ground to shake violently, meaning lots of buildings collapsed and people were trapped.

Could the same thing happen in the UK?

It's easy to get upset and confused when things like this happen, but in the UK we're quite lucky.

Although we sometimes have very small earthquakes and storms, they're nothing compared to other countries.

There's nothing we can do to stop such big natural disasters, but what we can do is send help when they've happened and hope it'll be a long time before they happen again.