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Last Updated: Tuesday May 13 2008 07:04 GMT

Man escapes by poking shark's eye

Great White Shark

An Australian swimmer says he survived a shark attack by poking the creature in the eyes!

Jason Cull was swimming off a beach in Albany, in the south west, when the 4m great white shark swam towards him.

At first, he thought the animal was a dolphin until it attacked, dragging him through the water after badly savaging his left leg.

Jason poked his finger into the shark's eye and it let him go. He was rescued by a lifeguard who heard his screams.

The 37-year-old said: "I just remember being dragged along backwards.

Great White Shark
A shark like this attacked Jason
"I was trying to feel its gills but I found its eye and I stuck my finger in and that's when it let go."

The shark tore two chunks from Jason's left leg and he is now recovering in hospital after his lucky escape.

Shark attacks are very rare and they don't live in waters near Great Britain.