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Last Updated: Monday May 12 2008 10:21 GMT

In pictures: What kids think of Sats


Ilyas, aged 11, isn't too worried about Sats. He said: "I feel confident because the teachers have been teaching us well and giving us fun lessons."


Rahima, 11, thinks people shouldn't panic about Sats. "Some people worry because they think they're not going to get very far, but if they try their best, they'll get what they aim for."


Ten-year-old Iman said: "I think Sats are a good way to see if you're improving and to go over the things you've learned."


Mohab, 11, wasn't stressed. He said: "I'm not pressured because the teachers have prepared us well."


Tai, 10, had a similar outlook. "I feel OK because they just show what you need to improve on in your subjects."


And 11-year-old Kamara said: "Sats show the best of my abilities, so I'll try as hard as I can."