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Last Updated: Sunday May 11 2008 15:54 GMT

Confused peacock attacks car

A peacock

A confused peacock at a wildlife centre in the east of England has attacked a car, causing 2,000 worth of damage.

It's thought the bird saw a reflection of itself in the car's shiny surface, and thinking it was another peacock, started attacking it!

Steve Bealey, from The Animal Ark park in Norfolk, apologised to the owners of the car which got damaged by the bird.

He said the peacock was being territorial, which means it was trying to protect it's home from another bird.

Mr Bealey said: "It would have been attacking its reflection. It's a territorial thing. It can happen but it's so rare that it's difficult to warn against.

"It's the first time we've had it happen here, and we're very sorry."