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Last Updated: Thursday May 08 2008 14:20 GMT

Ant and Dec in award faking row

Ant, Robbie Williams and Dec

It's been revealed that Ant and Dec were given a comedy award that should have gone to Catherine Tate.

Her comedy show got more votes for the 2005 British Comedy Award, which was voted for by the public, but Ant and Dec were announced as the winners.

Robbie Williams presented the award to Ant and Dec, but none of the three stars knew it had been faked.

The lie by ITV bosses was uncovered as part of an investigation into the use of high-cost voting phone lines.

Ant and Dec say they will return the prize and that they're "completely appalled" by the error.

Catherine Tate
Catherine Tate
It's thought that Robbie Williams only took part in the show because he was told that Ant and Dec would win, but he had no idea that they weren't the real winners.

However, it's not clear yet exactly why ITV faked the winner.

The deception came out as ITV was fined 5.68m over its use of premium rate phone lines by Ofcom - which checks up on TV companies to see how they are run.

Ant and Dec have won the People's Choice prize at the British Comedy Awards three other times.