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Last Updated: Thursday May 08 2008 10:03 GMT

Warning after massive landslide

The landslide

Fossil hunters are being told to stay away from a huge landslide in Dorset, on the south coast of England.

Thousands of tonnes of rock and mud fell from the cliff face into the sea on Tuesday, along an area the size of four football pitches.

Experts say the area's still not safe and are warning boulders the size of cars could still fall onto the beach.

People living in the area say it's the worst landslide they've seen in 100 years.

The site is known as the Jurassic Coast because rocks which are millions of years old can be found there.

A spokeswoman for the coastguard said: "It's a very, very popular fossiling area, so our main concern is to keep members of the public away because it's such a big landslip - it's the biggest they've seen."