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Last Updated: Tuesday May 06 2008 15:58 GMT

In pictures: Kids talk about cycling to school

Boys cycling

Cycling experts have said that kids are missing out on cycling to school because their parents are so worried about their safety. So we asked some of you what you thought...


Nicol, 10, told us: "I don't ride to school right now because my mum thinks it's so dangerous just in case I get hit by a car or fall over."


Darren, 10, said: "I take my bike to school three times a week out of five and I always use the cycle lanes. My parents sometimes worry about me."


Norma, 10, told us: "Sometimes it can feel scary when you're in the cycle lane, you feel like a bus or a car is going to bash into you."


Rhama, 10, said: "I do like riding bikes but I've moved house so I live further away from school. It's too dangerous to ride to school. People drive fast and there's been a couple of accidents so it's a bit worrying knowing that it could be you."