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Last Updated: Wednesday May 07 2008 06:53 GMT

School kids make computer games

Helen trying out the computer game

Children in Scotland are being taught how to make their own computer games as part of a new way of learning.

Helen went to the school to meet some of the lucky pupils involved.

"My favourite lesson at school was definitely PE, but then when I was at school there weren't any lessons in designing computer games.

But that's what some kids who go to school near Aberdeen get to do. They actually get to create their own games and then play them during lessons!

Part of the reason they're doing it is to learn the basic skills you need to be a games designer, but they're also learning about Scottish history.

I visited a group of kids who'd designed games about William Wallace, the Scotsman who fought for Scottish independence in the 13th century.

Pupil playing the game
Kids design and use games in class
The idea of the game is that the player directs William Wallace through a series of "worlds". To make it through the worlds the player has to answer questions.

Designing and using computer games in lessons isn't something everyone gets to do, it's an idea that's being tried out in just a few schools in Scotland.


The government there knows that the computer games industry can make loads of money, so they're keen to see kids get the skills you need to work in the gaming industry.

If the trial goes well, all schools in Scotland could have computer games designing lessons on their timetable from 2009."