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Last Updated: Thursday May 08 2008 05:25 GMT

Taking part in a kite workshop

The Kite Festival in Weymouth, Dorset

Press Packer Adam went to the Weymouth Beach Kite Festival.

Not only did he watch loads of kites take to the sky, he also got to make and decorate his own.

Here's what his day was like.

"I was very excited as I headed off down to Weymouth Beach for the 19th Annual Weymouth and Portland Kite Festival.


As I approached the seafront, I could see a variety of kites already in the air and many more in the beach ready to take flight.

My younger brother Tom suggested that we first took part in the kite workshop.

Press Packer Adam
I was shown how to make a kite and after I had decorated it, I kept my fingers crossed that it would actually fly.

Success! Up it went.

Big kites

Then I walked along the seafront to look at all the various stalls selling lots of different things to do with kites.

Some were selling actual kites, whilst others sold kits.

There were all sorts from big kites right down to little garden windmills. The big ones were amazing!


A while later we watched the Rokkaku Kite fighting which was cool!

And then as it turned dark I waited patiently for the fireworks to begin.

The display was brill! They set the fireworks off from a barge in the sea.

I had a fantastic day and cannot wait until next year!"

Adam, 11, Dorset

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