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Last Updated: Friday May 09 2008 10:42 GMT

How to play Sportsround's Activ8 game

Activ8 is a card game for any number of players.

Deal out the same number of cards to each player. Once the cards are dealt players should pick them up and keep them in a pile - DON'T shuffle them.

Only look at your top card - and make sure no-one else can see your cards as well!

activ8 cards

The cards are a type of file called PDFs. Most computers will be able to open them automatically, but you may need to download some software called Adobe Reader first. Use the link below to do that.
Pick a player to begin the game. They choose one of the four categories, and then read out the category and then the score. All the other players then read out the score on their card in the same category.

The player with the highest score wins that round, and all the other players have to hand over their losing cards to that person.

The winning player puts all those new cards at the bottom of their pile, and then picks a new category and starts again.

If two or more cards have the SAME top score, then all the players put their card to the back of their pile, and the same player selects a new category from their new top card.

When a player has lost all his/her cards, they're out of the game.

The person with all the cards at the end is the winner.

How to get started:

Either use the link on this page or go to the GRAB section of the CBBC website and find the Activ8 cards. Print off all the sheets, and then cut out all the cards. There are 22 cards to start with.

Over the next few weeks Sportsround will add new cards to the game, and on TV we'll show you how we come up with the scores.

In no time you'll have a pack of 30 awesome Sportsround Activ8 cards to use!

Once you get playing, why not get in touch and tell us how much you're enjoying Activ8!!