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Last Updated: Monday May 26 2008 13:20 GMT

Lizo reviews sixth episode of Dr Who

Martha, Donna and The Doctor

Our Doctor Who superfan Lizo reviews the sixth episode of the fourth series - The Doctor's Daughter.

At the end of the last episode the Tardis doors slammed shut and it hurtled off taking The Doctor, Donna and Martha with it.

Georgia Moffett is Jenny, The Doctor's daughter, with The Doctor
The Doctor and his daughter
And when it lands on a distant planet things go from bad to worse as they end up in the middle of a bitter war between two groups.

Martha is captured by one group, aliens called the Hath. The other group, who are human, want The Doctor and Donna's help in continuing their war.

And that's when The Doctor comes face to face with his daughter.

Family ties

Georgia Moffett is superb as Jenny, The Doctor's daughter. Like him, she has astonishing abilities.

And she challenges him at every turn, making him think about things that he's never considered before. And as the story goes on, they continue to learn from each other.

Hath soldiers
Hath soldiers
This episode also picks up the anti war theme of the previous Sontaran stories, with The Doctor trying to stop the violence between the Hath and the humans, as well as trying to explore what actually makes a person a person.

It tries to cram an enormous amount into 45 minutes. And, in a way, that's its biggest problem.

Jam-packed action

There are so many interesting ideas, things that the series hasn't really tried before, that most of them don't get the attention they deserve.

As a result, you don't really end up caring about either the human fighters or the aliens. Or who's right or wrong. Which means there's never a strong sense of danger or menace.

There are some wonderful scenes with The Doctor trying to come to terms with fatherhood, and yet again Catherine Tate is fabulous; always forcing him to confront things that he'd rather not.

But Martha's story in this episode works less well. Since she's returned, she's hardly spent any time with the Time Lord. And that, in turn, makes her goodbye at the end of the story much less emotional than it should be.

This is still a terrifically ambitious episode, but one which never quite manages to live up to its potential.

Three out of five

Your Comments

"This episode was good but the worst so far."

Zebdeesvid, 13, Gloucestershire, England

"I thought this episode was the best ever. This is the only episode I have watched five times in a day. I thought it was amazing. I cried when Jenny died because the Doctor will never see his generated daughter again!!!!!"

Amy, 10, Lanarkshire, England

"I thought this was the best episode so far! I was really intrigued by the doctor's daughter and I want to see her in the next series."

Roshni, 12, London, England

"Doctor Who was ace. I particularly liked the ending."

Nikkita, 11, Gwent, Wales

"I thought it was really good but I think it was rather rushed. They had to fit it all in 45 minutes. In my opinion they should have made two parts. Overall I thought it was quite alright."

Farah, 13, Coventry, England

"I think the episode was great and something tells me she might come back in maybe the last few episodes of the series!!!"

Sunflower, 13, Essex, England

"Excellent - one of the best yet. Found out more about The Doctor in this episode."

Michelle, 11, Tyne And Wear, England

"Doctor Who is getting better every time. I love the daughter! I sometimes get a bit annoyed at The Doctor because he's inches away from what he wants and then he leaves or changes his mind."

Chloe, 9, Lancashire, England

"This was my favourite episode yet. It was funny and sad, but the best thing was seeing how The Doctor sort of loved Jenny more and more as the episode went on."

Jackie, 11, Cheshire, England

"Doctor Who needs to put more characters in the series, but other than that it is really good. Maybe this Christmas The Doctor could regenerate again."

Ethan, 9, South Humberside, England

"I thought this episode was OK but I think I should have been able to emotionally connect to it."

Polly, 12, London, England

"I wish Jenny had died because either the BBC will bring her back in another Doctor Who (which is good), or they will make another CBBC spin off starring her (which won't be very good). Perhaps she could join Torchwood."

Bob, 9, Manchester, England

"This episode was OK but it wasn't the best so far. I'm glad that Jenny is alive after all! I can hardly wait for the next episode."

Ramla, 13, Sheffield, England

"I thought it was great but I wish that Jenny went with The Doctor."

April, 13, Bedfordshire, England

"I thought it was great! And the idea of the Doctor's daughter was super."

Daniel, 10, Leicester, England

"I loved it. It was funny, and original, and I think that they NEED to do a comeback when Jenny and The Doctor meet again."

Kath, 11, Teddington, England

"I think this one was quite sad and happy but at least it had a happy ending. It was very sad when Martha and one of the Hath went onto the surface and Martha falls down into a pit and starts sinking then the Hath jumps in to save her and then he sinks and Martha cries."

Martha, 9, Wells, England

"It was ok but I think it could of been a lot better. Too much was happening and I got a bit confused. Martha was in hardly any of it! But Georgia Moffett played The Doctor's daughter really well. 4/5 stars."

Bethan, 14, Gloucester, England

"I thought it was brilliant, except that I don't think Jenny should have come back to life at the end. I particularly liked the number plaques that Donna worked out, and the fact that Jenny had two hearts like The Doctor."

Edith, 11, Southampton, England

"I think Dr Who is always exciting. You never know what will happen next. The sixth episode was really gripping and it has an unexpected ending."

Lucy, 9, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I think this 1 was great!! And I wish I could do what the Doctors daughter can!!!!!!!! I love Doctor Who!!"

Charlotte, 10, Lincoln, England

"This episode was awesome!! The relationship between the Doctor and Jenny really grew, it was lovely to see them working together as father and daughter. Another brilliant episode!!!"

Tasneem, 14, Sheffield, England

"I thought it was really good but I was disappointed as I thought it was going to be his real child, not some soldier made from a machine and his DNA! It had really good effects though."

Kirsty, 10, Paisley, Scotland

"I really enjoyed this episode, I thought that it was really action packed but at the same time slightly emotional when the Doctor started talking about his old family. I don't want to give too much away, but I thought the ending was really clever!"

Becca, 13, Wiltshire, England

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