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Last Updated: Sunday May 04 2008 15:39 GMT

West Brom in Championship triumph

West Brom players celebrate

Championship sides West Bromwich Albion and Stoke City have won automatic promotion to the Premier League.

West Brom sealed their Championship title triumph with a 2-0 win over QPR, while Stoke held on to second place with a 0-0 draw against Leicester.

Hull, Bristol City, Watford and Crystal Palace will now fight it out in the play-offs to see who'll join them.

But it's bad news for Leicester who've taken the third place in the drop zone alongside Colchester and Scunthorpe.

Stoke fans show their support for their club
Stoke haven't played at the highest level of English footie for 23 years
Leicester will now have to play in the third level of English football for the first time in their 124-year history.

It was a huge day for all the Championship sides, with 14 of the 24 teams who were playing on Sunday having something to fight for.

Highs and lows

At the top of the table, Stoke have made it back into footie's top division for the first time in 23 years.

Hull are left facing the play-offs for their chance to make it to the Premier League, after losing their last match of the season 1-0 to Ipswich.