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Last Updated: Saturday May 03 2008 15:35 GMT

China opens 'longest sea bridge'

The bridge lit up at night

China has been celebrating the opening of what it says is the world's longest sea bridge.

The 36km-long bridge spans the mouth of Hangzhou Bay in the East China Sea, linking Shanghai to the city of Ningbo.

It's thought the road bridge will make the journey between the two cities 120km shorter as well as cutting travelling time by an hour and a half.

Work on the six-lane bridge started in 2003 in an attempt to ease traffic jams in the area, and cost a whopping 850m.

A map showing the cities connected by the bridge
The bridge connects Ningbo to Shanghai
Chinese officials say the bridge is the longest structure across the sea, but it's about 2km short of the bridge across Lake Pontchartrain in the American state of Louisiana.