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Last Updated: Saturday May 03 2008 12:07 GMT

Author plots new Young Bond books

Author Charlie Higson at a Young Bond book signing

Good news for fans of the Young Bond books - top kids' author Charlie Higson is planning to write a new series of novels about the young secret agent.

The books follow the adventures of a teenage James Bond, who's first met as a 13-year-old orphan in the 1930s.

The final book in the latest series, By Royal Command, is due out in September.

But Higson said: "I want to have a break and do some other stuff for a while. But I'd love to come back and write some more."

Higson was given the right to write the Young Bond books by the family of Ian Fleming who created James Bond.

The first Young Bond book, Silverfin, was published in 2003 and was a big hit.

Higson said: "It's been fantastic writing these books, I would hate to sever my partnership with the world of Bond. I know quite a lot of the Fleming family now, and they're all fantastic."