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Last Updated: Sunday May 04 2008 08:52 GMT

I want to be Britain's number one surfer!

Press Packer Miles

Press Packer Miles goes out surfing whenever there are waves, whatever the weather!

That's probably why he is now one of the best surfers in the country in his age group. Here's his report...

"I started surfing when I was eight or nine.

I like it because it's fun being in the water, I get to spend the summer travelling and I've met loads of new friends.

Walking on water

It can get a bit nervous when you first take off in the water, but when you're riding a wave it's a great feeling - like you're walking on water.

About two years ago, I started competing and last year I was ranked 2nd in the UK, in the under 12s.

I'm hoping this year, after all the UK competitions, I will be ranked number one.

Radical moves

Miles out on the water
Miles out on the water
I'm good friends with everyone I compete with, but when we're in the water the friendship goes out the window!

For this contest coming up I've been training over the winter to prepare. And I hope I get into the final.

But you never know what the waves are going to do. You get judged on your two best rides out of 12 waves. And you're judged on your radical moves, not just standing up on your board.


I'd like to be a professional surfer one day, or if not, then a job around surfing, like at a surf school.

If anyone is interested in surfing, I would say give it a try. It's a really healthy sport and cheap once you have got all your equipment.

It's just you and the waves."

Miles, 13, Bournemouth

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