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Last Updated: Saturday May 03 2008 08:51 GMT

Edward's poem called 'My Precious Dad'

I remember when my dog died
That made me really sad
Now I feel empty and heartbroken
Because I've lost my Dad

Rob died when I was three years old
He was only twenty seven
He knew that he was dying
I hope he's now in heaven

Dad wrote me a letter
He said that he was sorry
He asked me to look after Mum
To be brave and not to worry

Mum's made me a memory box
In there's his teddy and his hat
Photos, cards and tie pin
All precious stuff like that

I hope my Dad can see me now
And is watching me grow up
I'm in the football and rugby teams
I might even win a cup

I'm trying to do my best Dad
I hope I make you proud
It isn't always easy
Are you watching from the clouds?

You used call me 'Top man'
That's what I'm trying to be
I want to be a policeman
Mum says wait and see

I know I'll never see you again
That makes me really sad
But I'll never forget you
Because you were my Dad