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Last Updated: Friday May 02 2008 04:59 GMT

We really moved house!

Moving house, literally!

When most people move house, they pack up their stuff and move somewhere new.

But Press Packer Harry and his family packed up and actually moved their whole house!

This is his report.

Press Packer Harry on site
Harry on site, ready for the move
"My name is Harry, I am 12 years old and we moved house. We actually moved our whole house by crane and laid it on new foundations.

Log home

I live in a very special house which my Dad built. He cut down 80 trees and hand crafted the logs together to form our amazing log home.

A giant crane was needed, because the house is very heavy, it weighs 33 tonnes.
Harry watching the work in progress
Harry watching the work in progress

The crane picked it up and moved it to the other side of my garden.

We had to do this because we want to build an extension and couldn't do this on its original site.


When I say my house lifted up into the sky, I felt a shiver down my spine. I was terrified that the whole building would fall apart even though my Dad promised me that this wouldn't happen.


I am very lucky to live in a log home because it is really cosy.

All my friends love visiting me. It was really cool because my classmates from school all came down to watch the move.

It was a very exciting day but I'm glad it's all over!"

Harry, 12, Invernesshire

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