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Last Updated: Wednesday April 30 2008 13:05 GMT

Bad cockerel expelled from school


A badly-behaved cockerel has been expelled from a primary school in north Wales for attacking chickens and chasing children.

Hydref, whose name means October or autumn in Welsh, was one of five cockerels hatched out at Ysgol San Sior school in Llandudno.

At first, he had a nice character, but as he got older he got more aggressive.

He pecked a dinner lady and pupils and started chasing them when they tried to get eggs from the pen.

All the kids said goodbye to Hydref
All the kids waved goodbye to Hydref
Despite his bad behaviour, pupils at the school said Hydref was really a nice chicken on the inside and was just competing with the other birds to be the boss.

Now he's got a new home with loads of other chickens to boss about.

Head teacher Ian Jones said: "Initially he had a really nice character.

"But as he got a little bit older he was starting to compete with the other chickens."