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Last Updated: Thursday May 01 2008 05:01 GMT

Why Worry? Laura looks into climate change

Laura reporting on climate change from Iceland
Laura at the edge of an iceberg

All this week on Newsround we're looking at things that you've told us worry you, as part of our Why Worry? series.

Laura's been finding out more about one of the biggest stories we've been covering in recent years - what's happening to our planet.

I think it's important that we look after where we live and keep it safe for future generations, so I wanted to find out how much trouble the world is in and what we can do to help.

Every morning here at Newsround, we have a big meeting to talk about what stories we're going to report on that day. And it seems that every day on our list is a story about the environment.


Global warming, animals becoming extinct, floods and droughts. It's often one bad story after another.

It's easy to become very down about it all - and to worry that our world is a bit doomed.

Aidan is worried about the world
Aidan thinks we should do everything we can to keep the planet safe
So I've been trying to find out what's true and what's not and how worried we should be about it all.

I travelled to Blackpool, in the north of England, to a school which has won awards for being really environmentally friendly.

Kids there recycle pretty much everything - they even collect rainwater from their roof to flush their toilets!

Getting hotter

I spoke to lots of children there about how they felt about the world.

Lots of them said they were worried. Aidan, who's 11, said "Our planet is the only one in the solar system to have life, so I think we should do everything we can to keep it safe."

Laura meets energy doctor Rob Bell
Laura tries to get some answers from energy doctor Rob Bell
Others told me they were worried about how animals would cope as the world gets warmer, and what life on Earth would be like in 50 years time if the world does keep getting hotter. They asked me to find out more for them - so I did!

To try to get some answers, I met with Rob Bell, who works for the Energy Saving Trust.

He calls himself an Energy Doctor and knows loads about climate change. Also, it's his job to advise people about what they can do to try to help.

Weird weather

He told me that global warming is very real and definitely happening.

He said we could tell this by all the weird weather we've been having - both here and across other parts of the world.

Energy doctor Rob Bell says...
Rob Bell, energy doctor
Global warming is real
Try and save energy where you can
Talk to grown ups about what they can do

He said climate change is something we should all be concerned about - but we should also realise it's not too late and we can do something about it.

He said we all knew what we should be doing - we've heard it enough times before - trying to save as much energy as possible, turning things off when we're not using them etc.

He also said that until you lot are old enough to be making decisions about things yourselves, you should be talking to your teachers and parents about what they can do to help too.

Better news

Over the past few years, I've done lots of reports about the environment.

I've travelled to countries in Africa, to report on famine caused by droughts, to America to report on natural disasters there and to Iceland, to see for myself how the icebergs are melting.

I've found out that stories about how our world is changing are not going to go away.

BUT, if we can all do what we can - and persuade grown ups to do their bit too - maybe we can help stop the changes and have some better news to report on in the future.

Why Worry
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