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Last Updated: Wednesday April 30 2008 05:36 GMT

Why Worry? Ellie looks into body image


All this week on Newsround we're looking at something that worries you, as part of our Why Worry? series.

Ellie's been finding out about body image, why exactly people worry about it, and how you can feel better about yourself.

It seems beautiful people are everywhere we look these days - on TV, in magazines, films, newspapers, the internet. You just can't get away from them.

It's tempting to compare yourself to them - but as my investigation into body image proved, photos in mags aren't necessarily all they seem.

But why are so many people bothered about what they look like?

I met a group of eight and nine-year-olds who were having a pampering party at a beauty salon in Sheffield.

What's inside

They were there because they enjoyed dressing up and having their hair and make-up done.

But most of the girls agreed how you feel about yourself shouldn't just be about what you look like - it's about what's inside that counts. And I agree.

So why is it that celebs look so good in photographs in magazines?

As part of my investigation I went to meet a designer who does something called airbrushing.

Ellie before and after her computerised transformation
Ellie before and after her airbrushing
It's when you use a computer programme to make images look 'near perfect'.

I found it fascinating that you can change people's hair and eye colour at the click of a mouse - as well as sort out spots and change skin tone.

You can also change the clothes they're wearing, add or take away sunlight and shadows and even change the background.

It's good to know that magazine images can be altered - and even celebs have off days!

I think Agony Uncle Aaron hit the nail on the head when he said if you're worried about your image you should remember it's just one tiny part of you.

The most important thing is who you are - not what you look like.

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