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Last Updated: Tuesday April 29 2008 10:29 GMT

Iran calls for Barbie dolls ban

A Barbie doll

Popular toys like Barbie dolls and Harry Potter figures could be banned in Iran because officials think they're a bad influence on children.

This is because some people are worried the toys are threatening Iran's Islamic culture.

In the past, Barbie dolls have been criticised by the authorities because of the way they are dressed.

Now one top official has said he wants stricter rules on the types of toys and video games kids there can play with.

Women in Iran who follow the Islamic faith are meant to dress modestly and cover their figures in public, something many people say Barbie doesn't do.


Religious leader Ghorban Ali Dori Najafabadi said more needed to be done to find a suitable alternative to western toys.

A modestly-dressed version of Barbie, called Sara, was previously launched by Iran but that didn't stop the western Barbie being so popular.

Other toys that might be affected are action figures like Spiderman and Batman.